Blackboard - Installing and Configuring

MediaCore Mashup Building Block 
Version 3.2.0 and above

The Blackboard Building Block allows you to easily add video to Blackboard. Users that are logged into BlackBoard can click and view a video posted whether it's public or private. Blackboard generates a signed URL: for the video that is only available once and only for that user. Contact our sales team if you're interested in the Blackboard Building Block.

NOTE: If you already have version 1 of the building block installed make sure it's fully uninstalled before you install version 2. 

Installing and Configuration of the Building Block

1) Log into Blackboard Learn as the 'Administrator'

2) Click on 'System Admin'

3) Under the 'Building Block' section, click 'Building Blocks'

4) Click 'Installed Tools'

5) Click 'Upload Building Blocks'

6) Under 'Install Building Block', click 'Browse'.

7) Select the MediaCore Building Block and click 'Choose'

8) After the MediaCore Building Block has been uploaded, return to "Installed Tools" and scroll down to Mashup MediaCore.

9) To set the MediaCore Building Block to available, hover your mouse over 'Mashup-MediaCore' and click on the dropdown menu button to select the option 'Set Available'.

10) You will receive a notification that the MediaCore Building Block is now available.

11) You will need to configure the MediaCore Building Block to connect to MediaCore. Hover your mouse over 'Mashup - MediaCore', click on the dropdown menu button and select 'Settings'.

12) You will have to configure all three of the plugin settings - "LTI and URL Signing Credentials", "LTI User and Privacy Settings", "LTI Role Mapping".

13) Select "LTI and URL Signing Credentials" and enter your MediaCore Hostname and specify the LTI Consumer Key and LTI Shared Secret that you created in your MediaCore account. If you have not yet created a LTI Consumer click here for instructions. If you want to enable LTI authentication within Blackboard make sure that you select "Enable LTI".

Note: We recommend entering https:// in front of your MediaCore Hostname and a / at the end of the URL in the Hostname section.

14) If you want to enable URL signing then enter your Signing API Key and Signing API secret that is provided by MediaCore, otherwise leave these fields blank and click "Submit". If you need the API keys please contact

15) Select "LTI User and Privacy Settings" and specify the custom user ID if required. Next, select the user identification information you want to be passed to MediaCore. NOTE: If these checkboxes are unchecked users will come through with no name or email address. Next, click "Submit". 

16) Next, select "LTI Role Mapping" and configure which LTI institutional roles will be used to identify each BlackBoard user. Permissions for these LTI roles are configurable within MediaCore - click here for more details. 

17) Now that you've configured the MediaCore building block you can start uploading media to your course pages. If the Blackboard building block is not working then you likely need to perform one additional task. 

18) Navigate to "System Admin" and Click on "Tools" under "Tools and Utilities" and scroll down the list until you find Mashup-MediaCore.

19) Turn the toggle under Availability "On", click on the dropdown menu and select "new and existing courses and organizations". 

20) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Submit". 


Aug. 21, 2015