Add, Edit & Delete a Collection

Adding a new collection 

1) To create a new Collection start by logging into your Admin Panel.

2) Next, click on one of your collections. 

3) Click on the cog beside the collection  and select "Add Subcollection" from the dropdown menu.

4) Next, enter a title, description and thumbnail image if desired. 

5) You can now begin adding media to this new Collection by either dragging and dropping media from other Collections or by uploading a new media item.
Invite Users to your Collection

1) Click on the collection and select "Permissions" from the dropdown menu. 

2) Enter a users name, or the name of a group you created in MediaCore, select a role and click "Share". 

Editing a Collection

1) If you'd like to update your collection's title, description or thumbnail  then click on the collection and select "Edit" from the dropdown menu. 

2) From this screen update your information and click "Save".

Deleting a Collection

1) First, remove all of the media from the collection you'd like to delete. This can be done by dragging and dropping the media into another collection or by deleting it from your site all together.

2) Once the collection is empty click on the collection and select "Delete" from the dropdown menu.

3)  Click "Delete" in the pop-up to confirm the delete operation. 

Adding a Collection Description and Image from the Frontend Library

1) Alternatively, you can customize your collection name and image from the frontend library if you have the appropriate permissions by clicking on your new collection name.

2) Next, click on the "Actions" dropdown next to your collection and select "Edit this collection".

3) Upload a new image and add a collection description and click "Save".

For information on collection hierarchies and how user and roles are assigned to your sub-collections click here


Aug. 26, 2015